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February 21 2014


The Elements Of Online Opinion Surveys

Since paid surveys have receieved so much attention in the past decade there are a ton of questions that have arisen about them. Finding answers to these problems is not always so simple though. With so many paid survey websites on the Web it may be next to impossible to learn the truth.

To attempt to clear up a portion of the confusion surrounding paid surveys sites we have compiled a brief list of questions and answers to aid you while you chart a path through the intricacies of paid surveys. I am hopeful that this will clarify a lot of the questions you have had and make it easier for you to make a good decision about paid surveys.

Can a person actually make money taking paid surveys?

Yes you absolutely can. Hundreds of thousands of people like you get paid to take surveys each year. Surveys are an easy and risk-free method to get paid some supplemental money.

Why does any company want to reward me for completing a market survey?
Large Companies contract research firms to obtain customer feedback about their products and services. The research firms design the questionaires and they send you cash to do them as an incentive. The market research companies are just passing along a share of their income to participants to get opinions. It's kind of like a revenue split.

Won't I get a ton of spam mail by signing up for Internet Paid Surveys sites?

Not usually, but you should always take some care. Many sites that are simply attempting to get your email so that they can sell it to other companies or spam you. If the site is asking you if you want more information on other companies or services it's possible you will receive spam. If you are offered a huge prize to enroll you probably have to do a bit of research on that site. If you're seeing a paid survey advertising page then you may receive more emails after you send them your email address when you sign up. Remember, the real paid surveys companies will never endorse any product or service because they are required to stay neutral. Check out the site's privacy policy if you have concerns. The best of the companies out there are legitimate and are only going to email you if they've got paid surveys opportunities for you to do.

How much can money I earn with paid surveys?

This can be impossible to say because the total may differ based on a number of factors. Some groups of people are paid more than others. Some people are rewarded more heavily than others to complete paid surveys. Currently teens are in intense demand and will get an increased number of paid survey offers. There are other groups as well that are typically in heavy demand. Furthermore, reliable survey takers can get qualify for additional paid survey offers. When you give well-though answers and take surveys each week you may be in greater demand. You need to respond to the surveys if you want to get paid. And additionally, some surveys fill up fast so you may want to complete them pretty fast.

How do you get started?

Every paid survey provider works a little bit differently, but basically this is the way it works: first you sign up with a paid survey company. They will ask for some basic characteristic info in short surveys such as age, employment, sex, etc. Then they will email you to confirm your registration. Once you confirm your sign-up you may be able to sign into the paid survey site and provide them with more detailed demographic information. When the paid surveys provider gets a survey that they need you for they will send an email with an invitation. This invitation generally has a link directly to the survey welcome page which you then take so you can earn the monetary incentive.

What kinds of rewards are usually offered?

The incentives can range by company and even based on what survey you complete. Of course cash is a strong reward, but others are good too. Gift cards from sites like Bestbuy are well-liked rewards. Some companies give out goodies such as CDs, videos, toys, etc. Often you will be given an entry into drawings for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The pay also have a wide range with some sites paying per each survey and some websites requiring a minimum check amount. If you do paid surveys regularly, this threshold is usually quite simple to reach.

Can a person make a million dollars only taking Online paid surveys?

Several friends want to know the answer to this question and I am sorry to say that it will not be possible. If it were possible then I would have made a million years ago. You can, however, make some good money. It is closer to a very easy part time job, but you get to work from wherever you want, and set your own schedule. Websites that claim that people make hundreds of dollars per survey are not being truthful. Yes there may be a few diehards out there raking in that kind of money, but you likely won't achieve that level of income.

Should I even spend time doing paid surveys then?

In my opinion it is surely worth a try. While they will not make you a million dollars they're fun and easy and there is nothing to lose unlike other money-making schemes. You can make a decent hourly rate working at your own pace. It is actually pretty fun to do Internet Paid Surveys and it's really neat when you see a new product come out that you did a survey on weeks before.

So, that's it for the online survey FAQ. Hopefully I have answered some of your questions and clarified the topic of Internet paid surveys. If you take a realistic approach and understand how much money you can actually earn then Online paid surveys can be a rewarding way to earn some extra cash. There's no risk, you get to see upcoming products before they are released to the general public, can help improve current products with your feedback plus you earn money on top.

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